DJ Parts - Brake Disc in Ubi Avenue 3, East Singapore for sale

DJ Parts - Brake Disc

Carefully engineered through State-of-the-Art Computer-automated Facilities, DJ PARTS Brake Discs display exceptional tensile strength and are cut out to perfect parallelism for an unparalleled driving experience.
Engineered to match a huge range of O.E. brands, DJ PARTS Brake Discs come with following advantages:
Minimize Heat Distortion
Smooth Braking Performance
Less Susceptible to Noise
No Unusual Judder or Vibration
No Wobbling
The process ends with a 100% Dynamic Balance Test and is milled-balance for refinement. With uncompromising standards to quality, DJ PARTS run stringent tests to ensure:
No Cavities, Blow Holes and Defects
No Premature Failure and Crack